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The Stern view on climate change

Just watch Howard & Co wriggle this and that way in order to avoid addressing the dire predictions disclosed in the Stern Report on Climate Change released in the UK overnight - the Report PM Tony Blair describes as one of the most important of his tenure in office. Blair goes so far as to say that to not do something now would be "disasterous".

Read the key points of the Stern Report, as listed by The Guardian, here. It makes for sober and rather scary reading.....ceratinly for future generations.

Update: On ABC Radio National's Breakfast program this morning:

"The Stern Review on Climate Change is a report by former World Bank chief economist Sir Nicholas Stern that warns that global warming could cost the world economy up to $AUD 9 trillion.

But that massive cost could be avoided if the world decided to spend one per cent of global GDP on measures to address climate change now.

Michael Grubb is a chief economist at Britain's Carbon Trust and a professor of climate change and energy policy at Cambridge and Imperial College.

He is one of the contributors to the Stern Review and he joins Breakfast from his home in Cambridge."


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